Spiritual Practice

This page contains some notes and suggestions (and eventually I hope links) regarding regular spiritual practice for Contemporary Pagans of all sorts.  Creating it was originally inspired by an excellent essay on Witches Voice by  H. Byron Ballard on the topic of Daily Spiritual Practice.  That fine piece of writing stirred me to add this page because my haphazard approach to regular spiritual practice is one piece of the puzzle of a lot of the messes I have landed into over the years!

I can honestly say that part of the reason I have had to renew my spiritual journey and relearn so much over the last couple of years is because I made the mistake of thinking that “I had already learned all that…” regarding some of the simplest aspects of being a Witch and then sort of lost my spiritual way for a few years there.  I am now in a place where I am diving back into regular spiritual practice, and into myself, as I do the work of renewal and engage in the Great Work of Magic and of seeking my Work for this lifetime.

I am aiming to make this page the sort of resource I wish I could have found as a Solitary Seeker years ago.

This page discusses (or will discuss as I edit and add to it)  prayer, meditation, centering, grounding, shielding, the “cleansing” and blessing of objects, establishing sacred space, and offerings and libations.  All of these are preliminary and important parts of any sort of regular Pagan spiritual practice and form the framework upon which we Pagans may hang all of our prayer, ritual, and (for those that do it beyond theurgy) magick.

And remember, if we don’t practice how will we make it to Carnegie Hall?

On the Blessing of Water


I hope that these words and ideas will be as useful to my fellow Pagans as they follow the paths of their own spiritual journeys, as they have been to me.

~Like some of the other pages, this one is a work in progress~