About "Chrysalis"?

Welcome dear reader to Chrysalis!

“Chrysalis – The form which Butterflies, moths, and other insects assume when they change from the state of larva or caterpillar and before they arrive at their winged or perfect state.”

I found the above definition years ago in a dictionary somewhere… and it seemed to me to be an excellent analogy for the faith of Witchcraft in general and my own spiritual journey within Paganism in particular.

For me Witchcraft and Paganism have been a journey of transformation and growth.  A continuing series of revelations, continually opening to new lessons about my world and about Spirit and the Gods and about myself, an endless unfolding like a thousand-fold lotus in the light of the Sun and Moon.  Paganism in general, and especially Witchcraft, has been a transformation from what I was and growth into what I can be. This is a journey that despite periods of distraction, and dormancy, and stagnation, I continue to this day.

I now find myself balancing my oaths to the Lady and Lord of Witchcraft with a blossoming relationship with the Gods of Ancient Greece, Hecate and Dionysus in particular; I have also started exploring Unitarian Universalism in my continuing journey of spirit and faith.

As some Elders within Witchcraft will tell you,  spiritual journeys, indeed any transformation is not always easy or pretty.

I believe that in the end that this personal striving, alone or in groups, to grow through ritual and gnosis, ecstasy and inspiration, into our winged or perfect state, are at the heart of what Paganism is.

Paganism is more than just Witchcraft and much, much more than just Not Christianity or Not Abrahamic Religion…

Contemporary Paganism is wisdom and honor and compassion, it is history and science and mysticism, it is ancient and modern and evolving.  There are many Deities and many was of approaching and interacting with Them.  There are Pagans who eschew Gods and simply touch the Numinous presence of the All That Is.  Witches and Heathens, Hellenistics and Mystics, Druids and Dreamers, Pantheists and Polytheists and Panentheists, oh my!

Witchcraft is more than the spells and Paganism is more than the rituals, and all too often it seems that the magic (or magick) and the rituals are what we focus on, instead of the philosophy and faith; the equipment one packs and the process of getting the passport instead of the journey, the outer things instead of the inner essence.  I hope to encourage others in their growth and explorations within Witchcraft and Paganism with this Blog while at the same time rekindling my own.

May you never thirst,