Chrysalis Classics

Dear Readers and Friends,

This is a page of links to a number of my own personal favorite posts on Chrysalis.  They represent some of my better samples of writing, or are themes I feel I wish to revisit later, or are personal touchstones in my journey and ideas.  Enjoy!


Pax / Geoffrey

Meditation 2/12/2010

I Inspire The Breath of Life

Liberation VS. Escapism

The Numinous

The Spirit of Beloved Community & being in Beloved Community with Spirits

Our Power and The World

Pagan Values: Xenia, Xenos, and The Theoxenia

A Prayer to Aphrodite

The Ethical and Virtuous Witch

“What Now?” Pagan Community Builders

Invoking the power of the Pagan dollar 2.0

Putting the “Pagan” in Pagan values

Synchronicity and Aphrodite

Musings on Flag Day, Religio Americana, and the power of words

Labyrinths and Regular Practice

In Praise of Halloween’s Mixed Bag of Treats

By Their Funny Names Shall Ye Know Them

Do you believe in Magick?

The Importance of Manners

Regarding A Couple of Classics

Solsticetide Eclipse…

Invocations, Old Words, and Creativity

Spiritual Practice and Notes on the Journey 10/08/10


So what do you think?! Opinions? Ideas? Beuller... Bueller?!

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