The 21st Century is when everything changes…

A fascinating YouTube video a friend posted to Facebook, it has be me* contemplating the complexities and possibilities of building community in the 21st Century…

…and you get 2 Geek points if you can identify the quote of our title without searching it on the Internet!

*(what ever happened to my ability to type?!)


7 thoughts on “The 21st Century is when everything changes…

  1. The quote’s why I clicked in. *grins* Yes, I know it. No, I’m not going to answer here. I think those who *don’t* know it, should go find it and then watch the show it comes from.

    I am signed up for several social media sites, but I’ll be perfectly honest, I don’t think I like any of them except, possibly, Twitter.

    Google Reader is my favorite service, because I do enjoy blogs.

    Facebook is a time waster. MySpace is just a way to keep track of bands. YouTube crashes my router.

    I don’t think of Hulu or blogs as “social media”. I think that’s a difference from the video. I consider Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Triibes, Ning, etc. etc. as social media. Basically anything where the main thrust is to meet, greet and network with people is social media. I would, summarily throw all of them out for one service that actually *worked*, didn’t annoy me with badgering requests and stupid applications, and let me modify it to display it in a format that works for me. (Hmmm… sounds like I should get a programmer on that.)

    Everything else internet related is a service, despite votes, rankings, or comments sections. Comments sections are no different than gathering around the water-cooler and kvetching about the article.

    I suppose the situation is thus: I dislike networking and talking to people face to face. I’m an introvert and a bit of a misanthrope. And it makes me happy, so I don’t plan on changing.

    So it’s incredibly strange that I’ve just spent this much time to enter a comment on a four minute video.

    • Yes, but that’s the insidious thing about the Internet… you can encounter and interact with like minded fellow introverts and misanthropes… before you know it your socializing on a regular (if virtual basis) its a PLOT I TELL YOU!!! (sips his coffee, mellows out)

      I still delight in e-mail and in older formats like the Yahoogroups… but as someone who has been involved in volunteer and community work in the past, I am beginning to get it in regards to some of the new social media formats…

      • I can see using it in a volunteer or business setting. I think it’s useful for long-distance organizing and political movements.

        And Facebook has found at least one long-lost friend and my (estranged from the family) cousins.

        However, I think I’m still more prone to one-on-one communications, even when in a public forum such as this. (I was hit once to often with flames when I was a newbie on the net *far* too many years ago.)

        Look at that! See what you’ve made me do? You’ve made me respond to a comment. You must be in on the conspiracy. *eyes narrow*

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