Synchronicity and Aphrodite: or a few random musings

Today’s word is Synchronicity!

Synchronicity ~ “the coincidental occurrence of events and especially psychic events (as similar thoughts in widely separated persons or a mental image of an unexpected event before it happens) that seem related but are not explained by conventional mechanisms of causality —used especially in the psychology of C. G. Jung” Merriam Webster online

I was contemplating Aphrodite, and other Goddesses of Love, both real and imagined, yesterday on my way home. As is my habit when I got home, I started checking the many blogs that I try to read regularly.

“Hi, my name is Pax and I am a Blogaholic.”

Anyway, one of the blogs I check up on is At The End Of Desire by Inanna, and this particular week she had a post up about the Temple at Aphrodisias

My train of thought on Aphrodite and Love Goddesses started out from the station of our societies attitude towards Happiness and Joy. I remember one day during my Psychology Class our professor had brought in a Tai Chi Fundementals DVD for us to watch a part of as part of the discussion of Stress and healthy ways of dealing with it. The Host/Instructor of this DVD, Lawrence Biscontini, comes across as an especially happy/cheerful/joyful person in his delivery. Within a few moments of his starting to speak there was some tittering laughter from the class…

It seems like in our society (U.S. North American) there is an attitude of pessimism and suspicion towards anyone who expresses a sense of Joy. In my own everyday experiences it seems like when I try to express my own Cheerful and Positive nature I am viewed as somehow simple or silly. I think it’s a sad comment on our society, especially when you consider that Anti-Depressants are one of the most prescribed medications in the U.S.!

My Train of Thought then turned along the familiar path of how our society views Aphrodite in particular and Goddesses of Love in general… us Geek Pagans sometimes think about these things ya know!

See, I am an old school, non-techie, Geek. I play Role Playing Games (Dungeons and Dragons, folks, not Dungeons and Daddies~ although the later can be great fun too!), I am a History and Sociology freak, and I have a great memory and am a voracious reader. I am also a Sci-Fi and Fantasy freak…

I remember in Hercules: The Legendary Journeys how shallow and flighty they tended to portray Aphrodite… and yes I know it was only a T.V. show and Aphrodite is hardly the only thing they got wrong, but it was their cavalier attitude towards portraying the Gods and Goddesses that left me cold towards this show and its spin-off Xena.

I remember in many of the fantasy RPG’s I’ve played, the Goddess of Love is portrayed as shallow, self-absorbed, and somewhat ditsy…

Now I realize there is some precedent in the Mythology for this image of Aphrodite… but I sometimes wonder if this attitude towards The Heavenly One isn’t symptomatic of our societies fear of or suspicion of Love, and Joy, and True Happiness?

Aphrodite is the Goddess of Love and Beauty, of Procreation and Fornication, of Desire and Flirtation: She is Fairest of the Gods of Marriage, the Goddess of Prostitution, She whose wrath can strike men impotent, She who bestows Beauty and Grace, Lady of Pleasure and Merriment; She Who with Erato and Apollon presides over Love Poetry and Song, Lady of the Morning Star, Protectoress of the Homeland, and Goddess of Peace.

The threads of Cynicism, and Self-Doubt, and the Abdication of Personal Responsibilities that are woven through our culture ~ especially our popular culture ~ sometimes seem like an pandemic. I find myself wondering if Aphrodite isn’t the cure?

Maybe we Pagans can start calling upon Her in our rites at Beltane or in the Month or Moons of February when modern minds turn to thoughts of Love… or in the Month of April when Her Festival of Aphrodisia was observed in the ancient days?

Or Perhaps we can call upon Her in our Pagan Pride observances as one of the Honored Ones?

Or maybe we should simply strive to remember Her in our secret hearts and sacred selves, and carry her influence out into the world with us each day.

Peace, and Love,


PS- to learn of the Lady Arising you can go here, or there, or even over here!


a few words for today

My first instinct is to just go to bed… but I am trying to post something here each day… I am reminded of a piece of one of the “Just for Today” affirmations from Al-anon…

“I will do something I don’t want to do, just for excercise.”

It can be so easy to coast through things when your schedule gets hectic… of course thats my issue not yours.

Its tricky trying to give vent to ones creativity when your exhausted and have had a recent dissapointment. On the one hand I want to vent my feelings and thoughts; on the other hand I don’t wish to wallow in my recent blue funk.

I’m still working on the Lammas ritual.. I have decided that over the next year I will strive to write a ritual for each of the Sabbats.

I am also working on some research on Isis, Hecate, Herne, and the Greenman…

must sleep more creativity later.



Daily Practices ~ a primer and a reminder

Sometimes there is the Opening of the Chakras, and sometimes the Quabalistic Cross… but these are the bones…

It all begins with a breath…

“In through the Nose,
Out through the Mouth,
Breathe Inspiration,
Exhale Doubt” ~ Pax

Then I start by sending my energy down into the earth like the roots of a tree… I am sitting at the base of the tree with my back leaned up against it…as my roots intertwine with those of the tree I feel the energy flowing up into me and through me…interwoven through me as a connect to the tree…up through me and out of me into the world around me like the branches I am intertwined with…I see myself intertwined with the branches as leaves sprout from me and a stags horns sprout from my head, I am the Greenman, I am Herne, I am Me and I am Grounded and Centered… I open my eyes and I am in the everyday once more…

“Mother Celestial and Father Divine,
Let me walk in Strength and Beauty,
Let me exercise both Power and Compassion,
With both Honor and Humility,
Let me always remember Mirth, as well as Reverence,
That I may be worthy of Thy Perfect Love and Perfect Trust,
And that of those in whose hearts you dwell,
Blessed Be,
So Mote It Be.” ~ Pax

Today, some random thoughts and realizations…

First in the conga-line of my mind is the realization that I’ve lost touch with a lot of myself in the aftermath of moving to Florida. I lost touch with some of my spirituality and sense of self when I moved down from Alaska.

I lost my sense of connectedness with the natural world and the spirits of the land. I’ve only recently been regaining this part of myself as I returned to my daily spiritual exercises in the face of some insane work and school schedules. Its been easy to put off magick and religious observance in my personal life…

Sometimes that’s the biggest challenge as a solitary is the whole “I can just light a candle and observe the Esbat/Sabbat” mentality… you can, but sometimes a full ritual with all the bells and whistles is what you need… Sometimes those bells and whistles help lead you to the important sign posts on your journey.

The heat of the day and the lack of walking spaces here in Orlando also led me to lose touch with my body… no, not like that!! I mean in terms of getting off my butt and walking and getting some small measure of exercise. I need to start doing more and thinking less. I used to like getting up and going out… and as I have begun to acclimatize to Florida and its heat and humidity I think… no, I know I can start getting some walking in and pursue my growth by shrinking my self down a few pounds.

Time for more physical and metaphysical exercise in my life! Now there’s a part of my head and heart that balks at that last sentence… “I’ve got school and work…so much on my plate already…there’s only so many hours in the day!” ~ that sort of thing?! But you know, the thing is that the physical and metaphysical exercise helps you to handle the everyday. The school and the job or career are so much easier to deal with when you’ve done the physical and metaphysical work.

Frustratingly enough, I KNOW that… I just haven’t DONE it!

Suddenly the phrase “The Great Work of Magick” comes to mind… its not always some big or important thing sometimes its forcing yourself to make the time for what you need in the face of what you want. Developing the True Will involves putting aside what you want in favor of what you need. That can be a difficult lesson to hold onto from day to day.


Another thing lurking in my mind is that sometimes life hurts… not the scarring, scary pain of tragedy… but the everyday slings and arrows that sometimes cut to the bone despite our best efforts to the contrary. There’s a passage in a ritual in one of Rosemary Edghill’s Bast novels where a character is reciting a very different kind of Charge… wow hows THAT for a run on sentence?! Anyway this piece says

“Life is Pain,
Pain is Truth,
Truth is Life,”

Life is not always pleasant, but it is always honest… and learning to face that pain and that honesty and to learn from it… that’s a big part of the journey… or at least it has been for me…


Lammas, community, and Harvests

Lammas 1st of the Harvest Festivals

When people gather together to celebrate the grain harvest, to celebrate and reunite with familly and community. When couples come forward to be bound for a year-and-a-day before being bound together, for life or for lifetimes.

A respite from hard work, and a celebration of the work accomplished.

I have pulled back from the church, and have not found very many in my local community to become close to… and yet I have friends, I have familly, and I have community. Not all close by, but they are out there and it is not as if its so difficult to reach out a hand of friendship…to throw them a line of communication as this holliday approaches.

I know in my own life that fighting my own fears… fear of rejection, fear of failure, fear of being hurt… has been my biggest obstacle. It took a long journey for me to learn to trust in my instincts and to build a good library of experiences. Now its time I took a few pages from that library and reached out to some important folks.

I hope in your own journeys you can find the path through your own obstacles and learn some wisdom and some strength from your journeys.


Insane schedule and other misadventures…

SO, on todays agenda we have working at an outdoor vending cart from 10am-6pm then from 7pm-2am/ish I am working a special event at the theme park… the adventure never ends folks…

I am also fighting off a chest cold/flu/nastiness… trying to anyway…

I am also in a funk over this separation from my church, a pagan church here in my area. I am trying to figure out how to deal with the feelings, thoughts, and reactions I am experiencing in a constructive manner. I get the feeling thought that at this point it won’t matter how I respond, I’ve already been determined to be a loose canon or a trouble-maker… and that’s frustrating.

Anyway one door closes and another door opens… I am seeking some new ways to interact with and seek community in my local Pagan community, and beyond it… we shall see where these new paths take me.



Cross roads, and endings…

Sometimes you can have a conversation, or an exchange of letters, or e-mails and it changes things. Sometimes change happens and even a simple interaction can bring you to a cross-roads.

I wrote some things, he wrote some things, and now I no longer want to be involved in the church I was so hopeful and enthused about a little over 24 hours before. Now I stand within the cross-roads.

The cross-roads are a place of power and potential. You can continue forward, you can change direction, or you can go backward and cover the same ground again. Hecate Trivia, Hecate of the Three Roads is one of the Goddesses of witches. It is said that in Her rites the Thessalayan witches drew down the moon from the starry sky…

“Goddess of the Limnal Points, Lady of the Wilderness, Queen of Ghosts, Thosand faced Night, Mistress of Sorcery, mighty Hecate may your lanterns light shine forth in the darkness and guide my head and my voice, guide my heart, my hands, and my feet as I tread these cross-roads paths.”

I have chosen a change of direction, I have my own goals and dreams and I will continue to move towards them on a different path than I had planned. I would not have chosen this change. Sometimes change just happens and you find yourself at a cross-roads.