Spells: The Red Letter


Today’s entry is one part a description of a spell format, and one part exploring some of my autobiography, and misadventures in it’s evolution … with appropriate bits of discretion of course.

To appease those who might be vexed at a number of paragraphs of evolution and misadventure in the development before the outline of the spell, as much a hazard of this type of blog as in the Culinary world of recipe blogs, we will lead with an outline of the spell itself and then we can dig deeper.


The Red Letter

Inspired by a journaling exercise/Will exercise/spell from the writings of T. Thorn Coyle, where one writes out a sentence regarding what one is Willing into existence/manifestation in red ink, a Red Letter is a vaguely letter format page or more of writing with appropriate symbols sprinkled throughout in red ink on a special piece of paper.

Opening with the subject/targets name, and various identifiers like nick-names, planetary and astrological and elemental correspondences and symbols related to them. The letter then flows into the energies and powers your calling upon and what your calling upon them to do. Be entirely focused on the goal of the spell, but be as poetic and evocative in your imagery and wording as you can. In this case the symbols are used to help signify the person/subject being worked upon/for and to signify some of the powers and energies brought to bear, but the main focus of our efforts in the Red Letter should be in the power and beauty and eloquence of the words we choose as we work to express to the universe our desires in the matter.

From here The Red Letter should move into calling upon the elemental powers and whatever ancestral powers or spirits you work with and finally any Gods that you work with/worship. We end, as so many spells do, with whatever variation of So Mote It Be that strikes your or your traditions fancy.

This spell is one that, in part, relies on the relationship between the persons involved and it is not just the casting of the spell, but some form of sharing it WITH the subject or their petitioner that is the key that unlocks the magick.

The Red Letter is read aloud at a proper ritual moment by the caster. This can be during an appropriate Moon Phase, or on a particular Planetary Hour and Day, or however your practice and path move you.

Then we need to do something to ‘send’ the letter to our subject and into the aether. Burn it, fold it into a charm bag for the recipient, or you could actually mail the letter to the recipient for them to either place in a charm bag or perhaps tuck into their Grimoire or Book of Shadows as a token of love and well-wishes as they feel appropriate. Another key element of The Red Letter is that it be an interpersonal interaction of some sort, it is not enough to simply cast and forget; the recipient should be aware of this working and ideally at least some of the wording. The working, and the wording, are meant to touch their mind and heart as well as their fate, it should inspire their own prayers and imaginations, and in the case of a fellow worker of wonders their workings.

A page torn from a lined journal, with text in red ink.  The Page lays upon a black book, which in turn lays upon a wildly patterned cloth in mostly yellow and orange tones with pops of purple and green.

the caption below reads "A tongue firmly planted in cheek example of a Red Letter"

The text in the Picture has random symbols alongside several of the lines of text, standing in for various magical and occult symbols.

The red text upon the pictured page reads "Subjects Full Given Name.  Daughter of Astrological Sign. Sone of Poetic reference to Sign's Element.
Known as (nicknames here).  On this Night/Day of relevant planetary day.  In this relevant planetary hour.  Evocative calling upon Powers related to the first Rune/Sigil/Icon.
Evocative Calling upon Powers related to next Symbol and work at hand.  Poetic Calling upon various elements.  Here we call upon the Ancestors.  Here we call upon the Spirits.  Here we might call upon divers forces of Nature and the Cosmos.  Give the energies and forces and Cosmos it's Marching Orders Here.  By...Whose Authority are you calling upon to do this...  So.  Mote.  It.  Be"
A tongue firmly planted in cheek example of a Red Letter…

NOTE: while intended for and inspired by a work of blessing or healing, I acknowledge that blessing and cursing can grow from the same stalk.

One could conceivably use a Red Letter for baneful work, and I am sure those so moved would be able to find multiple loop-holes in the above, and self justifications, towards that end.

However, the recipients knowledge of the working and its words would need to be very carefully handled, and actually sending The Red Letter would conceivably constitute what the legal courts like to call evidence and is NOT recommended!


(As you will see below, some of this format was brought about because I lack confidence in my artistic tallent and focus to create either a sigil or bind-rune, and this spell came about as the result of a very personal request. If you have the focus or artistic temperament to create bind-runes and sigils, then have at it my darlings!)

And now the circumspect biographical details and catalog of some of my metaphysical misadventures ensue!

Some years ago, DK and I had been friends and co-conspirators in the Pagan and Witch communities, among a few other Venn Diagram overlaps of friendship and interests that can happen in a relatively isolated largish small town like Anchorage, AK. We had at some time in our mid to late 20’s had a falling out when we ended up working at the same employer for a while and some of the qualities that led to affinity and friendship ended up at odds with our individual emotional/spiritual/mental baggage in collision.

We reconnected a few years ago over the death of a dear mutual friend. We ended up in a few long conversations at the time. We had both, in the intervening almost two decades been through life changes, growth, addiction, recovery, illness and many other hazards of life and adulting. Apologies, commiserating, the sharing of hard won tidbits of wisdom, and life lessons, ensued; and we both realized that life is far too short to let ones (reasonably worked through) emotional baggage cut off friendship and co-conspiracy. We have been in semi-regular contact since. The occasional text chat or video call, conversations via meme, and lately the sharing of relevant Tiktok’s with one another.

So when she messaged me with an urgent request for spells and prayers for her beloved, who was facing a diagnosis of Cancer, I was both honored, humbled, and a bit surprised.

She too is a Witch after all. At the same time she is wrestling with some similar issues of returning to her path and self and health after some roller coasters of life experience that I myself have faced. Something in me stirred, something sparked like a delightful memory and I immediately found myself throwing in with her cause.

I pressed her for information on her beloved’s full name, date of birth, any associations with religion, nick-names and various random bits of information as I formed my plan. I also made the decision to keep her in the loop as to the spell, because it felt as if she was as much in need of some inspiration and tools in her own efforts for her beloveds healing as he was in the need for healing.

Now some of my readers might object to the idea of sharing the details of a working with another, after all one of the cornerstones of the Witches or Magicians Pyramid is Secrecy. To Keep Silent. At the same time however a synonym of to keep a Secret is to keep a Confidence. One can share a Secret and still keep things confidential. It was in this spirit that I shared developments with dear DK.

I began by crafting and cleansing a healing candle with oils of Rosemary and Patchouli and Peppermint, a bit frou-frou for the gentleman I was working for, but sometimes as a Witch you work with what you have on hand. As it evolved, and as I will cover perhaps in another post, I did not end up tying this candle specifically to DK’s beloved, but found another purpose for it… but that evolved later.

As I considered the nature of the spell I began to think of a rite where a sigil or bind-rune would be lit a-flame by the candle flame. So I reviewed one of my old notebooks and the notes on runes. I selected a few that seemed to speak to either healing or health or vitality. Then… I ran into a block. I don’t have a lot of confidence in my artistic abilities related to drawing or design. This presented a brief road block and I was in a bit of a time crunch because I had determined by our subjects date of birth the right day for a working based on his astrological sign and the Planetary Days and Hours of the Chaldean system. The start of his chemo was approaching, and I needed to pull things together. The Full Moon on the right day had already passed, but the Last Quarter would also fall on the right day of the week and since I was aiming to infuse health and vitality and life force to our subject and to fight against his cancer using the waning of the moon could work and the Moon was going to be in Aires so the theme of removing unwanted things was still astrologically in play…

I realized that words and writing have been a deeply important aspect of my creativity and witchcraft for as long as I can remember, which is how the Red Letter format took shape. The Runes, became stanzas in the letter, the runes on the margin and the lines calling upon and referencing the powers of the world represented and directing them towards our subjects health and healing. The poetry found it’s way to flow once I settled into the preparations for the working.

The night of the working itself had it’s own bit of revelation.. but I think I will save writing more about that for another post…

This spell is done and my revels at an end, all that remains is for the ashes of our Red Letter and some of the Candle Wax to be mailed to my friend, along with a bit of a Witchy Care package.

I hope this proves useful to some of you in your own journey’s.

Bliss and Blessed Be,

Pax / Geoffrey

Notes on The Journey July 21st 2021


In the month since last I wrote here with oh, so many good intentions, my job life has gone through something of a wringer! We lost one Manager and two coworkers, all of whom left without notice. At an economy segment motel, in the height of the Summer travel season, in Florida, with no covid restrictions or quarantine measures, and frighteningly close to one of the theme parks.

*Takes a deep, cleansing breath, grounds, and chuckles*

It has been… an adventure!

In the midst of much scheduling chaos and double shifts and turn around shifts and six day work weeks… I found my full worksonna and my work-game again! This is good because being in ones zone in one part of ones life can, if you’re careful, lead to rediscovering your zone in other aspects of your life. Even though my practices remained at the daily basics, with little journaling or writing, and no where near enough reading for my tastes, I’ve been able to squeeze in some quality time with some dear friends, and pull my head together regarding some household chores and work.

Then I figured out how to read again, or rather how I read now. Time was I could sit down with almost any book and power through it in a few hours cover to cover, now instead of mentally devouring a book I snack on it. Nibbling here or there and sometimes setting it down for a few days to pick it up later. I can work on my reading skills, hell I took a class in Highschool designed solely to help one learn to read faster…. more pages in the same time frame; I can do that again.

I have also regained my self-confidence in my self as a Witch… which I had been stumbling with for a while.

A friend, and fellow Witch, of many years reached out to me and asked for prayers and spells for her husbands health as he began a battle with Cancer. I’ll go into some more detail magickally in the next post, but diving into Planetary hours, and Astrological correspondences, and Symbols and Runes and the raw and often wildly underestimated power of finding the right words… not only for a spell but for ones relationships with the Holy Powers. More on words, poetry, and relations with the Holy Powers later as well…


Pax / Geoffrey

Notes on the Journey June 19th 2021


Hello again!

Day Job scheduling chaos and mundane household considerations have kept me busy and away from my writings here. We FINALLY have a new A/C system after almost 2 years, and one year of using a couple protable A/C systems to keep the house livable in the heat and humidity of Central Florida.

You will start noticing changes to the Online Resources page with updated links, and some links removed as no alternate can be found.

I’ve been digging into my explorations of various forms of social media on Twitter, and Instagram, and Tiktok mainly as I learn how the current social media ecosphere operates and interweaves between the different formats.

The work of my spirit and Craft has been in simple mode for the last several weeks. Grounding and Centering, irregular offerings to the Holy Powers, some reading and Podcast listening, and a lot of contemplation of my life and path.

Trying to map out how to knit together my desire to write and Witch more in my life, and how to fit it together with the chaos of my day job. This is made especially challenging because I have been wrestling a LOT in the last year and a half with my ADHD and accompanying executive dysfunction…

The adventure continues!

I am going to be chunking out an hour or two, here and there, throughout my days to work on Chrysalis and my writing, and some of my social media efforts . I am also going to be reviewing my regular practices and figure out which ones should go to a firm DAILY format to build my spiritual/magickal will and muscles.

So keep an eye out here as I will be posting things here with a bit more regularity than the last several months have seen.

Bliss, and Blessed Be your journey,
Pax / Geoffrey

Notes on the Journey (and the Site) 4/29/21


Hello again! So the hectic pace of my life, and my continuing misadventures trying to discover that fabled work/life balance have continued apace!

I got my second dose of the Pfizer vaccine recently, left me feeling very tired for a couple of days but no other ill side-effects. My doctor says my bad cholesterol is up and he has upped the dosage on one of my meds. This has led or perhaps intertwined with thoughts about how I am using my time when I am not on the clock at the day job. I find myself thinking about how easy it is to slide back into bad dietary habits, and how often I have had every intention of writing here, and/or going for a relaxing walk after work, or doing other needed work and told myself ‘tomorrow’. The struggle continues but at least I am trying to make small changes… blogging here today is part of that effort.

Some of you will notice that several pages have been removed from the site. Most of them are back into Draft mode until I have time to seriously sit down and review them and rewrite to something resembling my satisfaction.

On the plus side of some column or another, while the hectic pace of life continues I have found time to begin dipping my toes into reading books again! It started in early March with the release of The Witch of Kings Cross, a fascinating and well produced documentary about Rosaleen Norton. I remembered reading something about her, and a piece of Witchcraft liturgical speech written by her, years ago in Doreen Valiente’s Rebirth of Witchcraft, and discovered that a collection of her notes or journals on occultism and Witchcraft had been published posthumously as Thorn in The Flesh.

I ended up ordering both books along with, based on some discussions over on occult Twitter, Protection and Reversal Magick by Jason Miller and The Witches Book of Spirits by Devin Hunter. All have been dutifully added to the now rather heavilly loaded undershelf of the lounge coffee table in my improvised study stacks. I was a bit vexed to find I didn’t have a copy of Rebirth of Witchcraft… but I suppose after moving across continent and also moving house several times since I really shouldn’t entirely surprised some things have been mislaid… still vexing though.

I have browsed through Thorn in the Flesh, re-read Rebirth of Witchcraft, and read Protection and Reversal Magick; it occurs to me that maybe writing up some book reviews for the blog may be useful writing practice to help stretch my mental muscles?

My spiritual practices have continued, although I have dramatically slacked off on the card of the day and journaling efforts. Recent scheduling upheavals at work led to a VERY upset sleep schedule and left me clinging to the most basic forms of my regular practices for the last couple of weeks. I have an extra day off today thanks to using some of my Earned Time Off, and am trying to take advantage of it.

I did do some cleaning of the windowsill altar on one of the nights of the Full Moon. Originally I had ideas about doing a formal Circle, but between the sleep schedule and being off my meds for a few days while I waited on a doctors appointment and some test results to come in before I could renew my prescriptions… I was just not physically or mentally up to the task… this time.

Otherwise I have been doing some research online on a couple of longer pieces for the blog and doing some thinking about my daily routines and how I can adjust them to start doing more of the things that I want to do as opposed to what I have to do.


Pax / Geoffrey

Notes on the Journey 4/19/21


So my last post was something of a victory over a big case of writers block I was wrestling with. I was having a lot of trouble figuring out how to write about my ongoing and evolving spiritual practices. Part of this was trying to figure out how much detail to unpack about my personal practice and my beliefs. Another part of my block was some sort of internal hesitancy to sit down and do the writing.

Writing used to be a pretty easy exercise for me. Not just the writing, but the reviewing and editing. Now, not having practiced the art in earnest for so long, I feel clumsy at best when I am sitting down to do it. But in this too I am learning to take a breath, forgive myself, and continue to do the thing. Gosh I hope this is growth. There were a number of years as both a writer and a Witch where I was stuck or perhaps going around in circles? No pun intended. This time my writing and my Witchcraft feel different… riskier and more personal somehow. I would like to think I’m actually maturing in both my craft and Craft.

Now speaking of puns, I did not INTEND to write a post about fluidity in ones spiritual practices and have several paragraphs dealing with libation offerings. That was more of an amusing accident.

The last week since posting and since did my windowsill New Moon Esbat has been a bit of a hectic rollercoaster. The night of the Esbat I was up late, and I’ve had a bunch of insomnia the last several days. Not every night, but enough of them that I think my internal clock or personal sleep schedule has perhaps adjusted to a new normal and I need to reconfigure some of my routines accordingly. Interestingly enough the whole ‘early to bed and early to rise’ routine has rarely been my style and returning to a night owl’s hours is more of a return to form for me.

Even with not having much time I have kept most of my practices intact, except for journaling and drawing my daily card/shadow work thing. Not really setting those aside just figuring out where the fit into the mix going forward. Then too parts of my brain have been trying to look at topics and ideas I’ve had for a while now for some longer form pieces for the blog that I wasn’t feeling ready to actually sit down and write about until just recently.

I have also somewhere found some of my reading habits again! A particularly happy development for me. I’ve reread Doreen Valiente’s Rebirth of Witchcraft, and am reading through Protection and Reversal Magick by Jason Miller.

My explorations and experiments in social media continue and I’ve been getting drawn into Occult Twitter as of late, some of the same cast of character’s from my blogging days and my Facebook world mingling with some new faces. Between Twitter and Instagram I have added a number of podcasts to my Spotify library and have a lot of food for thought, and more than a few questions… that I think I will take to social media…

More later folks.

Bliss and Blessed Be,



Across oceans and continents, throughout ages and epochs, across cultures and faiths and peoples there is one story or lesson of which the ancestors have spoken or written or sung of again and again down through the ages and if we listen carefully we can hear them whisper of it still.  The Holy Powers, The Spirits, the Blessed and the Wise and the Tricksters and the Heroes, all will wander amongst us unrecognized or disguised seeking shelter or food or some small courtesy or kindness and the merest acknowledgement of their worth and dignity; many and manifold are the blessings and the joys and the good fortune that are gifted in return to those who are welcoming and caring and considerate and generous, many and manifold too are the curses and miseries and misfortunes that befall the inhospitable and the rude and the neglectful and the selfish.

Regular and Fluid Practice pt2


As I mentioned previously in part 1, fluidity in ones practices can come in either scheduling or format depending on the practice in question.  This post is where we dig a little deeper into what that can look and feel like.

My regular practices include a rather full plate of activities; journaling, a tarot card draw as part of both some shadow work getting in better touch with my Subconscious and relearning the cards/reconnecting with my intuitive self, devotional and prayer work/touching base with and/or offerings to the Ancestors and Spirits and Gods, grounding and centering and shielding for the day, breathing into my chakras and possibly touching base with the different aspects of my self, some form of mindfulness work, some basic protective work, and the practical things I need to do to get ready for my every day life and the things I need to do to move forward with all of my life in the best way I can.  A very full plate indeed!

As I mentioned previously, fluidity in ones practices can come in either scheduling or format depending on the practice in question.

In its most recent edition, my regular practice originated in the first few days I woke up from my medically induced coma in April 2020. (In case your not a regular reader here, I nearly died of congestive heart failure last year.) I was laying in hospital, having just figured out once more how to even get into my phone, posting an update about my status, and liking responses which was about all I had energy for. I was doom scrolling and sharing memes but not really engaging in any meaningful way. I was consumed by fears and exhaustion and worry. A friend/acquaintance and fellow Witch, Alexian, reached out to me via messenger to check on me. I poured some of my fear and worry about myself, my partner, our well being in the future, my fears of financial doom, my worry for my health, my worry for my beloved. Alexian gave me a bit of compassion in a timely reminder that my Bear could take care of himself for a while and that I needed to focus on getting better.

Among the points he made were…

“Focus on healing for yourself. Like they say when the plane is going down… put on your own oxygen mask 1st.”


“Focus your mind on the IMAGE of you being strong and healthy and back home.”

And in my mind I was like… “Oh…yeah… I’m a Witch…Magick… Will,,, True Will… and… stuff…”

So I started trying to ground and center each day and breathe energy into each of my chakra’s from Root to Crown…and pouring every once of the energy I was wasting on worry and fear into the suggested images and into my energy centers….. and it has evolved from there with time and different inspirations.

Now not everything I describe is necessarily a part of my everyday, or regular, the levels of complexity and formality of my regular practices now ebb and flow as time and energy levels and mental acuity of the day allows, but what follows is as complete and honest a reckoning I can make of the practices that are a part of my regular rotation. Some of them are packed with descriptions of ideas or sensations or images that kind of slideshow through my regular practices…with some being more present one time or another…

It all begins with breath, as one rekindles the fires.

A breath, a simple breath to center myself in my body and to still and focus my mind.

I would love to tell you I spend time in formal meditation each day or on the regular, but I’d be lying through my many teeth to say so. For me, at least for now, it’s more like micro-doses of mindfulness as sip my coffee and think about my day and then take another breath and sip my coffee and try to center myself fully in the moment.

Then grounding, taking a breath and sending some of the energy raised/drawn-in down through my feet into the ground beneath me, or through my spine into the wherever I am sitting on then spreading down like roots into the ground beneath me. Sometimes it is more like sending my breath and the energy I am raising within myself through it through my feet into the ground, and at times it is just a slight changing of stance and posture that suddenly makes me feel at once more aware of my feet upon the ground and at the same time more stable and connected to the world around me.

The idea is to reconnect with the physical and metaphysical world as I take some centering and calming breaths, feeling the energies raise up through me and through my chakra’s, from root to crown, and then up into the sky connecting me to the universe around me. Seeing in my mind’s eye some of the power branching out like the limbs of a tree above me, and even reaching down into the ground once more like an ancient tree…. following the rough outlines of a magnetic field of sorts around my body.

Here is where multiple images present themselves to me, some born from years of practice and diverse inspirations… I will imagine inscribing the Sign of the Crossroads over or within my Sacral Chakra, or each of my Chakra’s… sometimes in turn and sometimes all at once… often followed by an inscribing of the same sign over my entire energy field/shields/personal bubble.

Then too the image of the tree, both that threads through me having grounded and centered myself with the tree and rooting imagery so many of us learned at one time or another; and the image that cane to me in some contemplative meditations years ago… of myself leaning against/blending into a tree….my body merging with the trunk…an image of the the Horned God superimposed over me… somewhat resembling the Gundestrap Cauldron image of Cernunos intermingled with The Green Man… roots and hooves intermingling into the earth, body merging or emerging from the world-tree…vines wrapping around and sprouting forth from me…feeling a stags antlers growing from my skull and ratting against the branches of the the tree.

As I mentioned above different images and inspirations dance through my mind and spirit at different times during the grounding and centering and breathing into my energy centers portion of things, and sometimes differently from session to session. Sometimes there is little imagery, simply sensation of different parts of my self opening or awakening; and sometimes there is a sense of different chakra’s expressing different needs or areas of neglect to my conscious mind… and one tries to roll with those or contemplate how one might alleviate them. It is not all mystical visions all the time… sometimes it is, your mileage may vary.

Then there is usually more coffee and mindful moments mingled with thoughts about the coming day and what needs doing or dealing with both personally and professionally.

At some point decisions have to be made… about what other practices I am able to properly approach today… and how. Indeed sometimes the whole grounding and centering and touching base with my Chakras is a few simple breaths over a few moments, and sometimes it is more of a focused visualization/meditation thing that takes it’s own time.

Coming to terms with the idea that it’s ok to sometimes do something simple and sometimes go deeper or more formal has been an interesting wrinkle in my Journey. As I recently wrote in a Twitter thread… “For years… YEARS, I would fall away from regular practice regimes because I had it in my head that if I wasn’t doing them “right” or “fully” I was somehow not really doing them… now I can appreciate that Spiritual/Magickal/Religious Practices are just that, practice.”

At some point, we move into Journaling, and the Daily Card draw. When I am doing this… has usually been starting with noting the Date and Day and Planetary Day, the Time and Planetary Hour and whether it’s particularly close or ‘cusping’ as I call it towards the next, and of course the current Moon Phase, because I am a Witch and it’s kind of like The Law(tm) that I should be intimately aware of the current Moon Phase. Then I draw my Card of the Day. Now the Card of the Day is my regular attempt at Shadow work and giving my subconscious a chance to let me know what it needs to say or what am I not exploring or expressing. This is also serving to help me relearn the cards and get in better touch with my intuitive side. I note down meanings and interpretations, and sometimes do some general journaling or make notes for ideas for writing or make occult/magickal notes that will eventually make their way into my grimoire.

I’d love to talk about how productive journaling has been for me, and it HAS certainly helped and stirred some thoughts and realizations, but for one thing it does not always seem like there are enough hours in the day! Although, ironically given todays topic, I recently realized that I don’t NEED to do a Card of the Day every-time I journal. They got tied together somehow in my head for a bit there and I really wasn’t journaling unless I had time to do the card draw and take notes on that… which wasn’t always leaving room for actual journaling…. I am working on and wrestling with this as my practices continue to evolve. Fluidity in ones regular practices should include room for growth as well as forgiveness for neuro-atypicality, or mental health challenges, and/or the chaos that is often a part of contemporary life and culture!

Mingled in at several points in the actual daily proceedings are of course the mundane preparations for one day. Shaving, showering, and diverse matters of grooming and self-care, and trying to remember to have breakfast OTHER than the many vitamins and medications in my current regimen! For a while I was doing quite well with even preparing myself some lunch/dinner for my (usually) afternoon to evening shifts at work; some back-sliding has occurred and I am often buying lunch and snack and supplemental beverages on the way into work… this too is being worked on, I promise you.

Last, but never least, we come to the offerings to and prayers to and touching base with the Ancestors and Spirits and Gods. This is the more difficult part to write, because in this area I find there is a lot of ebb and flow in terms of my practice and in how I approach this act. Sometimes this is timing or energy level, sometimes it is related to recent cycles of seasons or other moon phases or other things, and sometimes it is based on an intuitive instinct. There is also a lot of very personal symbolism and cosmology in here culled from years of (sadly on again off again) practice and study. Very little of which I feel up to unpacking in this essay… but that leaves me something to think upon and write about later.

The Windowsill Altar (Day) from image left to image right, a black and grey ceramic saki pitcher with a tealight votive in the corner, in front of this a small flat sided glass bottle with a dark red liquer inside, to the right of this a wine glass filled with wine, then an empty glass Chalice shaped like a tiki drink bowl with a grinning face visible and a small bracelet of green stones with a shark tooth hanging from it wrapped around the stem,  then a large shallow soup cup with floral designs in a Pennsylvania Dutch style around it the sides filled with coffee, then a very small  ceramic mug with a moon and stars design around it also filed with coffee, then a large jar pillar candle black with a printed design in white on the glass (unlit), tucked in front of the jar is a small rectangular plastic magnetic key card with a green leaf design and the word "welcome" in ornate cursive script, then a small green ceramic mug with a raven design around the sides filled with coffee, then another large brown soup cup filled with coffee and matching the design of the blue one, also filled with coffee, then another wine glass with some red wine, then a blue ceramic pestle filled with salt and ash serving as an incense holder, then a lighter with a skull face design reminiscent of the Dias Del Muertas designs, behind these there is a white and grey feather tucked into the window screen.
My Kitchen Windowsill altar in the morning edited to show some more detail…

The above image is the latest version of my everyday altar at home in my kitchen windowsill above the sink. This is the most recent variation on the theme, having come about the other evening as I was redressing the altar for a simple New Moon Esbat; the wine glasses are a new addition to the permanent collection. If your interested in what the ‘full kit’ or a more formal Esbat or Sabbat might look like, you can check out the banner at the top of the page or this spread from my Instagram. But on the regular, this is where (most) of the magick happens.

Sometimes I am simply bringing my hand’s together in front of me, kissing my fingers, then spreading my raised hands apart with the palms facing towards the altar and saying a simple “Hail unto the Holy Powers, Hail unto the Holy Powers, Hail unto the Holy Powers.” taking a moment and a breath and then moving on.

As for a more formal offering and prayer?

Well first a few more notes and observations…

The offerings take the form of either incense wafted over the full or empty offering cups, and now glasses, OR a combination of informal or formal libation and incense, as feels right in the moment. The libations are either informally just poured or filled into the cup with a presentation or prayer said while holding the full cup up, or are presented and then formally poured with the left hand (my theoretical receptive or drawing towards hand as I am right handed) into the cup held in my right while the offering is spoken.

What libations are offered varies. Wine, water, coffee, iced teas, and hard liquor have all had their time in the cups. At the moment I am not sure what the addition of the wine glasses is going to do to the flow of libations in terms of content. I tend to let the libations stay in the cup a while before pouring them out into the sink, or making a further libation onto the ground, as timing and striving not to freak out ones neighbors allows. Hard liquor evaporates slowly and does not mold, wine will sometimes bloom with mold if left too long in an open container, water just gets dusty and nasty looking after a while… but usually I am switching the libations out often enough that this does not become an issue. Those times where life and my work schedule and ADHD are coming at me hard and fast and the wine or coffee does blossom mold, I will clean out the cups and let them sit empty for a day, reserving the molded offerings somewhere until the evening when I can pour the molded wine or coffee in libation to Hecate at the end of the driveway with out causing undue weirdness with the neighbors.

Any beverage will work as long as it is one you yourself drink or hold dear and if offered in sincerity. There are times where ones budget or pantry cannot manage liquor or wine for example. The holy powers seem to understand this, but do also seem to appreciate an effort at making an appropriate production of things from time to time. The Horned God, for example seems to appreciate Red Stag brand bourbon. (Not sponsored, yet…) One time I had poured a libation of this a day or so before, and then was offering incense and a string or log of the ash from the incense stick fell into the offering cup for Him. I started to pick up the cup to pour out the offering and replace, and got the distinct vibe that He was not through with it yet and I could just fish out the ash with a spoon and leave things be…. so I removed the offending string of ash and let Him sip his bourbon in peace!

Research, sincerity in ones approach to The Holy Powers, and developing ones intuition go hand in hand in the matter of making, handling, and respecting offerings as I have found.

Now, lets dig into the formal end of the spectrum…

First I will hold up a stick of incense in my left hand, lighting it as I speak aloud the words

“It Begins with a breath, as we rekindle the fires.”

As I light the incense stick, let it flame for a moment, and then draw the Sign of the Crossroads while speaking the charm

“Round, Round, Wrap Around, Protect me now from Sky to Ground.”

I place the stick of incense into the incense dish at the far right of the Altar and begin the prayers and offerings.

Starting from the rough center of our Altar just to the left of the candle as we look at the picture, we have a small black ceramic mug, with the image of a moon and stars facing out. This is for the Ancestors.

“Hail to the Honored and Beloved Dead. Those to Whom I am tied by the red threads of blood, the silver threads of Witchcraft, the pink threads of queerdom, and the many colored skeins of beloved friendship. Thank you for your gifts of inheritance and inspiration and love. Bliss and Blessed Be.”

To the right of the candle we have a small green ceramic mug, with an image of ravens in a row parading across it’s surface. This is for the Spirits.

“Hail unto the Spirits Known and Unknown. Hail unto the Spirits above and below and all around me. Hail to the Spirits of the Earth, the Skies, the Seas. Hail to the Spirits of Fire. Hail to the Spirits of Land and Hearth and Home. Thank you for your blessings and friendship, may we continue in peace, Bliss and Blessed Be.”

Then we go back over to the leftt, to the large blue mug with the Pennsylvania Dutch looking floral designs stamped around it in darker blue. This is for the Holy Mother or the Cosmic Mother.

“Hail to the Holy Mother in Whom we live, move, and have our being. Thank you for your blessings, Bliss and Blessed Be.”

Looking once more to the right, we see a similarly designed large brown mug stamped with the same designs in a darker brown, this is for the Holy Father, or the Cosmic Father.

“Hail to the Holy Father, Who has being in every atom, every soul, every cell. Thank you for your Blessings. Bliss and Blessed Be.”

Moving once more to the left we have a wineglass. This is for Hecate.

“Hail Thrice Holy Hecate, Lady of Magic, She who dwells at the Crossroads, Queen of Phantoms and Witches, Torch bearing Nurse and Guardian and Guide, Keeper of the Cosmic Keys, and Ruler of the Earth and Skies and Seas. I thank you for your blessings and wish you Bliss and Blessed Be.”

Then back to the Right we see another wineglass. This is for Herne.

“Hail Holy Herne, Lord of the Forests and Fields, Horned God and Greenman, Guardian of the Gates of Death and Life, He who wears black and bargains at the crossroads, Master of the Durable Fire, King of Witches. I thank you for your blessings and wish you Bliss and Blessed Be.”

Now, these words are not set in stone, nor are they the only more formal ways I might address the many Holy Powers that I strive to show my respects to on a regular basis. Sometimes I might be being more wordy or bringing in other aspects or symbolism. Sometimes, as I mentioned above, I might be saying a simple “Hail to the Holy Powers” and wafting some incense about.

The thing to remember about regular and fluid practice though is that even when it is a simple or even silent offering, once you’ve done the more formal wording a few times, the images and associations are their in your mind when you are performing the actions. Even as your level of formality or complexity ebbs and flows over time, every bit of it plays into the development of your relationship with the Holy Powers and with your Craft.

Bliss, and Blessed Be my friends.

Pax / Geoffrey

Craft Notes: The Sign of The Crossroads


Good News! I recently unlocked the “Does Idiosyncratic magick stuff based on experience and inspiration” achievment!

So, as I have been diving back into my practices and my Craft one of the things I have been doing is exploring different forms of Witchcraft and different and unfamiliar practices, like ploughing the furrow or laying a compass rather than casting circle.  Useful rites, each with their own pluses and minuses, but with some very different ways of relating to the Universe.

In my readings and multimedia wanderings on the topic of Witchcraft, and a lot of re-readings of bits from books in my personal library, I have been reading up of Traditional Witchcraft and was still fascinated by “The Crossroads Rite” by Christopher Orapello and Tara-Love Maguire.  I first came across it in the intro to their Down At The Crossroads podcast, and they also feature both the words and the associated working in their book Besom, Stang and Sword.  Laying down a Crossroads and calling on those energies wherever one happens to be.

These many sources and ideas were playing about in the back of my mind when I was invited to my friend T’s new house for a visit on the Winter Solstice.  I offered a gift of some magick and some sort of blessing or protection working for her new place.

Her partner was working, and is not as into the woo as some of the rest of us, so it was myself, my partner J, one of our BFF’s M, and Ms T.  All Witches of varying levels of experience and practice and lapsed or semi-lapsed status at the time.  My partner at one point joked we should just use the simple protective circle chant “Circle circle, Round round, Protect me now from Sky to Ground”, and call it a day.  Matt and Tara countered with their preferred version, “Round round, Wrap around, Protect me now from Sky to Ground.” Which I rather liked, in part because certain sections of my brain immediately started trying to filk the poem to the scansion of Dead or Alive’s 1985 hit You Spin Me Round.

Yes, I am kind of old and do have a warped sense of humor… why do you ask?

Now T’s house is near a four way intersection, a literal crossroads; and her quiet driveway fronts onto a busy road a second metaphorical crossroad. Over the course of the evening I talked with her about the sort of energies she wanted in her home and what kind of vibe she needed for her house. I also looked at things like the alignment of the house to the cardinal directions, the physical layout, the current and planned functions of various spaces, any current energy, including a very large metallic upright pentacle wall hanging in the bedroom… I decided to draw on the energies of the cross-roads near her home in an ongoing way, to connect them up with some bits of magickal protection on the thresh-holds, and to sort of lay down energetic lines that could be tapped by her later for anything she might feel the need or inspiration to do for herself or her home and beloveds.

One of the things inspirations of the moment was to draw a symbol of a simple Solar Cross in invoking the energies of the cross-roads, and muttering T and M’s preferred version of the abovementioned charm. Over the last several months I have come back to it again and again, drawing a symbolic crossroads and calling in these energies….

Our illustration has the cardinal directions noted more for metaphorical/symbolic reference, although I have been experimenting with a more three dimensional version for Esbat and Sabbat workings. The idea is to draw upon the powers of magick and possibility and the various energies and Powers of the cross-roads; I use this as both a consecrating space/self charm before making offerings or doing some types of magick, and as a protective charm whenever I feel need of such.

The Sign of the Crossroads

“Round, Round,
Wrap Around,
Protect me now,
From Sky to Ground.”

We start with the Sign, it does not seem to matter the direction you face or whether you are drawing this in the air in front of you or tracing it on a surface, as long as you keep the associations with the cardinal points and the crossroads energies firmly in mind when performing the charm.

With your finger, or a stick of incense, or whichever tool of art feels best for your purpose, Imagine the sign of the Crossroads before you and recite the Charm.

  1. “Round, Round” Trace the line from West to East.
  2. “Wrap Around,” Trace the circle from East around clockwise to East again.
  3. “Protect me now,” Trace around the circle clockwise from East to North.
  4. “From Sky to Ground.” Trace the line from North to South.

As I say I have used this as a recalling sacred space charm/rite and as a protective charm, it seems to have functioned well in both capacities.

I have also used a variation of this charm as part of a recent Esbat rite I did shortly after the New Moon…

Casting the Crossroads

This takes the charm into a three-dimensional space. For this, the cardinal points matter so use a compass (there are a number of good phone apps you can download to your phone, or you can go old-school and buy a compass, just be sure to research the current number of degrees of difference between True North and Magnetic North for your area.

Start with your finger, or the relevant tool, pointing West.

“Round, Round,” Trace a vertical circle clockwise from West to East and back again to West.

“Wrap Around,” Trace a horizontal circle around from West to West.

“Protect me Now,” Trace along the horizontal from West to North.

“From Sky to Ground.” Trace another clockwise vertical circle from North to South and back to North.

I am going back and forth about the need to undo this charm when using it to remind myself and the world around me of our shared sacred natures, and perhaps it is my early studies rooted in the writings of Wiccan’s and Ceremonial Magicians and the use of a Magick Circle, but if one feels the need to return the space to a more neutral or everyday energy…

Tracing a path along the horizon clockwise from the North.

“Tout, Tout,
Throughout and About,
Round Round, Wound and unwound.”

A Note

Some folks may balk at this piece of idiosyncratic magick I’ve shared because of my use of the Solar Cross, and it’s recent associations with the far Right and White Nationalism. Much like the runes, and many other symbols recently en vogue with the alt-right, the Solar Cross is a centuries old symbol used in many applications and cultures across many millenia. They. Do. Not. Own. It.

And, for the record, I wish them ill at every turn and opporunity.

Bliss, and Blessed Be,

Notes on The Journey 3/7/2021


So today’s card of the Day, my regular Tarot Card Draw I do as I start some Shadow work in my life and try to get in better touch with my Subconscious, today’s card was The Chariot (reversed).

My immediate response was to sarcastically mutter “Imballance, there’s a News Flash!” as I picked up my phone to check the Labarynthos Tarot App and then my worn copy of A Complete Guide to The Tarot by Eden Gray to cross reference interpretations.  Then I was like “Finally, something that vaguely resembles advice!!!”

Then I started today’s journal page, noting the Date and Day, the Moon Phase, the Time, The Planetary Hour and the Planetary ruler of the day,  and then the Card of the Day.  Notes on the meanings and any related observations and thoughts stirred.

The questions of control that are stirred by The Chariot (reversed) were rather productive and feel like a seed for growth and development and contemplation and perhaps progress forward in my journey.

What can I control? What can I not?  Of the things I can’t control what do I do about it?  Do I seek control or somehow let them go?  Of life’s many uncontrollables can I somehow make plans or take steps to deal with them productively?  Even having these plans and taking these steps am I prepared for the fact that sometimes all plans and preparations don’t work out and the unexpected and occassionaly spectactularly bad things can happen?

I also wrote some notes about how I want to work on and write here going forward, and some notes about my Regular and Fluid Practices pt2 post.

Now I need to be about the rest of my day…

Blessed Be your Journey,

Notes On The Journey 3/5/2021

It has been a while…

My work schedule took some dramatic changes over the last month or so as a number of coworkers were out sick and I was left the only front desk person on the schedule with members of our management team picking up shifts to keep things running.  6 day weeks and a number of unexpected overnight shifts and a few trun around shifts.

Turn around, for those NOT familiar with the idea are where you are scheduled to work say 7a to 3p and then your turning around and covering the 11p to 7am shift.  Thankfully rare but they do sometimes happen.

So on the spiritual magickal front I’ve been doing my journaling and regular practices and daily-ish tarot card shadow work as timing and my physical and mental/emotional spoons allowed.  (Does one need to explain Spoon Theory these days or are we all caught up on the idea?)

Lately allergies have been hitting me pretty hard, if tree pollen doesn’t like you then Live Oak (a species common to the US Southeast) HATES you.  I am not suffering nearly as bad as past years, but I am also avoiding allergy meds until I can touch base with my doctor about possible medical interactions…

Also, I made a thing…

I mean, it’s not as if I am entirely unaware of the issues, and YES I know the question becomes what am I doing about these issues, but couldn’t they at least drag me with something new and interesting once in a while?!

I just wanted to check in today. Tonight or tomorrow morning I will be prewriting on part 2 of the Regular and Fluid Practice piece.

Bliss and Blessed Be,


In Praise of Regular and Fluid Practice

Hello all,

Yes I do owe any readers out there and my own self some Notes on the Journey here… but I thought I would take the step of doing an actual topic driven blog post. This somewhat radical departure from my ongoing lack of actually writing was inspired in part by a Tweet by Youtuber and Thelemite Da’at Darling…

“I will die on the recommending daily practice hill. I don’t care how much backlash I get for recommending daily meditation and doing a lbrp, it will help you progress, and I won’t say daily practice is “outdated”.”

@daatdarling aka Georgina Rose on Twitter

So I have been intermittent at best with my morning routines of physical and spiritual self care lately due to some dramatic scheduling upsets at work.  No shame or guilt,  it is what it is and I guess I am learning to be more compassionate towards myself when I am not able to go according to my plans? I am also learning to value the idea of being fluid in my daily or regular practices. My learning curve was helped by what seemed to me, in a moment of self doubt, a timely post on Instagram by Patheos blogger The Gardnerian Librarian who wrote…

“If you find yourself losing motivation to practice or engage with daily devotions, etc, then *change something*. Your practice should bring you joy and satisfaction. The moment you feel like it’s become something like a chore, *change it*. Devotions in the morning becoming stale? Do them at sundown. The change, no matter how small, will excite your brain.

Don’t become complacent with unhappiness or boredom.”

-The Gardnerian Librarian in an instagram post….

This is a very positive development for me as for all too many years I would try to develop a regular practice of spiritual and magickal work and journaling and such, and between my being blessed with ADHD and the somewhat chaotic nature of scheduling in my chosen field of the Hospitality industry and more than a few longstanding issues related to self doubt and questioning my own self worth, I would start heaping shame and self doubt upon myself if I could not engage in my practices in the way I envisioned them in or what I had in my mind as “the right way”.  After a time I would set them aside often telling myself I was being practical and that I could pick them back up later once things were less chaotic.

The problem of course is that the pace of life around us does not calm down for our convenience.  It is when life starts throwing us the curveballs of chaos that we most need to lean in to the practices that nourish and sustain us.  Then too, as my hospitalization last year so dramatically highlighted for me, tomorrow is never guaranteed to us, so we may as well do what we can when and how we can to make life joyous and pleasant now!

Now fluidity in ones practices can come in either scheduling or format depending on the practice in question. The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram, which Da’at Darling mentioned, is one where you might be looking at scheduling because of course it is a very specific ritual/practice with a very specific format and functions. Other practices, like the ones I engage in, can have a certain fluidity to their structure and scheduling as necessity dictate.

“So What are you up too on the regular Pax?” one may ask. 

Well for the sake of writing about them I can divide them into three categories Spiritual/Religious, Magickal, and Practical, but I don’t want you to think that any of these practices are solely within one category… at the end of the day once we have figured out what practices sustain and nourish us they do so in a complex and interwoven way that can tend to defy easy categorization even if we are categorizing them in a perhaps fumbling attempt at explaining ones attempts to unscrew the inscrutable.

Practical: includes basics like taking my medications and vitamins, remembering to eat something for breakfast before my daily commute to work, the assorted tasks of self-care and grooming related to going out into the world, and even prepping a lunch/dinner for work so I don’t need to spend money buying something on the way in.

Spiritual/Religious: includes some form of greeting or prayer or offering to the Ancestors and the many Spirits of the world around me and of course The Gods. Spiritual also includes attempts at Shadow Work including journaling and a daily Tarot Card draw where I contemplate the meanings of the card and what my subconscious might be trying to tell me in the meanings that most spark my interest or awareness. Then to there is meditation although for the time being I am happy to let it sit with micro-doses of mindfulness as I take a few moments throughout my morning to sip my coffee and savor it’s flavor and a few moments of silence and mental stillness before turning to whatever is next…

Magickal: includes some form of grounding and centering and shielding, and breathing into and connecting to/checking in with my chakra’s/energy centers/parts of self.

Now with any regular spiritual practice, as I know, the experience of it will ebb and flow.  When one practices meditation for example, sometimes one is just struggling NOT to count the seconds and get ones thoughts to shut up and sometimes you caress the faces of the gods…

I will be going into some more detail in a second part to this post I think, as at the moment I kind of need to be about my practices and my morning if I am to get to work this afternoon in the Hospitality mines of The City Beautiful.

Bliss and Blessed Be folks!

Morning Coffee at The Witchcraft Lounge

So after a few weeks of scheduling adjustments at work, and some dramatic mental and emotional ups and downs (look for blog updates on these and other things in the next few days…), I am reclaiming my much-needed healthy morning routines AND my efforts at social media stardom 😆! Coffee, my meds and vitamins and supplements, quiet time, grounding and centering, offerings and prayer, daily tarot card draw, some journaling, hopefully breakfast (I am not a morning eater these days but I try to get something small in in the morning to go with the medication and for general health), maybe minecraft, and ,definately quiet time and coffee… lots of coffee! THEN the showering, shaving, and stuff to get ready for work or leaving the house.

Eventually the stacks of books and journals will have proper homes on the shelf under the coffee table…
A few key supplies and some amusements, out where they are handy…

As you can see from the pictures I have set up the familly room as a bit of a spiritual and religious study and workspace that is coming together nicely!

One of the keys, for me, to successfully journaling is to be open to the process and forgiving of myself. By that I mean I accept that I may not manage a detailed exploration of my self, some days it’s going to be a few notes or lines jotted down and some days it’s going to spur a few pages of writing. There are times where I am trying to get as much detail about something, and days where I write a few notes and generalities. It is a process and journey all its own and the important thing is to keep at it! Some days I am doing good to note the basics; date, day, Moon phase, time, planetary hour, and the Tarot card of the day and a few notes about the card meaning. Even then those notes provide food for thought throughout the day and the days that follow.

I try to give myself at least a couple of hours in the morning before the time I absolutely have to be getting ready for work or to do stuff in the outside world. Some days it’s a very calm and relaxed time and sometimes the time goes like quicksand… but I am coming to cherish my mornings and as I jokingly yet accurately call it, getting ready to get ready for my day.

What routines or rituals do you have that sustain you? How do you set up your personal spaces to sustain and support you spirit and faith?

Peace, Pax/Geoffrey

Notes on the Journey: 1/15/2021


Since last I wrote here it has been a busy and somewhat eventful Yuletide and we have slid into the New Year.  Not, sadly, without some fresh outrages and alarming events here in the US.  There is a lot to discuss and or unpack recently, so I will be doing a separate post about the events of January 6th 2021 at the US Capitol and it’s ongoing aftermath. So general notes on the Journey…

I last sent word to you here on the …wow… 8th of December?! 

Fair warning, I have a tendency to turn inward this time of year around the Winter Solstice.  Understandable given I spent the first thirty something years in my home state of Alaska… four hours daylight on the Winter Solstice… well its definitely added some personal interpretations to my spiritual and religious journey.  I know that for many Samhain is a spiritual New Year, but for me the Winter Solstice has always been the turning of the year.

On the more personal level I’ve slacked off terribly from regular journaling and writing here and elsewhere in favor of a lot of me time and some Instagraming, and giving some serious thought about what I want for myself, my family (including the extended and sometimes far flung group of people I think of as members of my personal tribe or family of choice), and for my home.  Housework and a bunch of magick and magickal experimentation mixed in with it as well. A good part of what I have been doing is looking at my practice and Craft and the ways I am relating to my self and my needs, rereading the lore and how I relate to it.

Brooms and cords and measures were a piece of my Yuletide and New Years Full Moon work. Now, for me, a broom should be both a practical tool for cleaning, and a magickal tool for works of magick and spirit.  On a practical cleaning level with a tile floor and a concrete patio a couple or more brooms are a necessary thing to have around the house to clean dirt and outdoor debris.  On a magickal level going between the worlds and clearing the way for blessings and cleaning up the spiritual debris of any household strife of the past.

Now I know that the widespread introductory lore is that if it is a magickal tool you should not use it for mundane purposes lest you profane it, or in order to emphasize to the deepest parts of mind and soul that said tool is for such-and-such and to help empower the tool and your magick and to keep it from the hands and energies of others.

For some tools this makes a tremendous amount of sense, at the same time there is a bunch of magickal lore that came into contemporary Witchcraft from the Ceremonial Magick crowd.  Not a bad thing, but a thing worth acknowledging and thinking about.  The archetypes are similar after all, but when we look at the Magician and at Ceremonial Magick one of the things that tends to stand out is that Magicians had money or sponsors. Witches were often doing what they could with what they had available. Then too, one sees a tremendous amount of witch-tips in social media and books about how ‘in a pinch’ one can use a pen as a wand, or that blessing water in a random cup is still blessed water, or to cut ties with someone who is toxic in the workplace one can hold a pair of scissors and symbolically ‘cut the cords’ that tie them to you. Preferably discretely and symbolically after they’ve walked away…. cutting the air between oneself and ones malefactor in the moment could end up involving HR after all!

With this in mind, there are some items that it makes sense to have multiple blessed and consecrated versions of AND some of the tools that it makes sense to use in matters both mundane and magickal. So far this has worked well for me.

I even crafted a Broom Oil for blessing!

Image Description: An Instagram post featuring a picture of several bottles of essential oils arrayed around a small notebook with handwriting upon it, with some items scratched out, the unscratched words read

“Broom Oil”

3tsp Olive Oil, 26 drops Bergamot, 26 drops Lavender, 26 drop Citronella, 26 drops Lemongrass, 26 drops Texas Cedarwood OR Juniper, 13 drops High John The Conqueror.

Anointing Brooms, Bringing Blessings, Banishing Misfortune.

*not for internal use*

So having crafted this oil, I anointed a small cinnamon broom, and the well worn household broom of straw, and did some house cleaning. Moving first widdershins around the space, I swept up the dirt and dust and assorted stuff off the tile floors, I also sort of reeled in the energy of every disappointment, every resentment, every insecurity, every self-doubt, every instance of self-trash talk, and basically every ounce of drama and any and all forms of negativity that I or anyone else may have left behind as I swept up the dirt. Sweeping it out the back door. I rested for a moment, having done my utmost to reclaim all of that energy, and clean the heck out of my place.

Then I took up my Chalice (the personal fancy Witches one, cause sometimes one needs to bring out the formal tools after all) and having filled it with some cool filtered water from the fridge, I blessed it and cleansed it. Then I took several deep breaths and willed all the ‘negative’ energy I had cleaned/pulled in from my space into the water in the chalice. I thought about so many things from the last year or two as I let the energy flow from me into the water, arguments, periods of depression, the occasional fight or drama… everything associated with all of the incidents that I put that energy into over the last couple of years.

Once I felt as if I had emptied myself of it all I took another breath or two, and then raised it high, cleansing and consecrating and blessing the water and the energy within of all impurities that I might work wonders, and then I drank it down; reclaiming a bunch of energy I had essentially wasted on stupid things as well as trying to heal myself of some of my past pains and struggles and hydrating cause that too is important!

All of the above was then followed by moving deosil around the space with some incense to bless and cleanse things further, and then deosil again trying to get things organized and decluttered. Or noting where else I need to do that sort of work, because I am still tiring easily some times after my hospitalization.


So in addition to contemplation and Craft, some of my absence has been due to some changes in my job life, transferred to a new location that is closer to home and has a different regular schedule so there has been a period of adjustment.  Things seem to be going well so far and I am looking forward to the reduced commute time. At the same time the last time I was at this work location it was an incredibly stressful and difficult place to be and to work, and I sometimes find myself reacting to the memories of the past their as much as I am to the present moment.

Don’t worry, I am also working on that!

Overall, I am looking forward to a New Year with it’s own opportunities and challenges.

May it be so for each of you as well.


Pax / Geoffrey